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Powder Coating Service

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Miami-Dade: Patriot Powder Coating in Hialeah, FL takes pride on providing the highest quality powder coating service in South Florida with unmatched customer service at the largest oven in all of Miami-Dade County. 

As a family owned and veteran led company, we understand the value of our customers and place them as a priority at Patriot Powder Coating. We hope to earn your business in 2022 and look forward to offering the most competitive prices in Florida. 


Quality Powder Coating

Protecting products from damage while providing a high-quality finish cover.

Industrial sized powder coating oven with 45 foot capacity in Miami-Hialeah, FL.
Custom Services

Our team of experts engineer functional solutions from metal and equipment selection, specification, process development, and application.

Our Coatings

We know how to powder coat all types of metals, materials, and applications to any specification including Government and Mil-Spec standards in the USA.

Powder Coaters For

Industrial, Residential, Government Projects

Fence and Metal Gates

Keep fencing and gates lasting long from peeling and chipping

Marine and Boating

Prevent marine parts and metal fixtures from saltwater corrosion


Long term durability, resistance to corrission and scratches

Welding Shop

Welding and custom fabrication for metal products in Florida

Automotive and Rims

Powder coating for bodywork, trim, rims on trucks, cars, motorcycles


Environmentally safe with long lasting protection against weather

Patio Furniture

Restore old patio furniture to new, extend lifespan with color options


We conform to State, Federal, Military, Government Standards


Powder Coat Colors With Customization

From Candy Powder Coat Colors to RAL Standards, We've Got The Most Expansive Powder Coat Colors in Florida with over 10,000+ color combinations.

How Do We Work

Our powder-coating process works extremely well because one coat usually does the trick; it's also easy to adapt thickness accordingly for any project needs - saving you time and money


Our team will go over your powder coating
service request and provide the right options to
ensure the highest quality satisfaction.


We clean and treat the surface to ensure
no residues remain with our powder coating
process that includes cleaning, rinsing, and drying.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is applied as dry powder,
cured with heat, and provides high quality
finishes for metal, steel, and other materials. 


As a Veteran led powder coating company in Florida,
we take pride in ensuring that your project is coated
correctly and delivered on time. 


Why Powder Coating?

Resistant to weather and more durable than conventional paint are just one of the many benefits to powder coating

Patriot Powder Coating is located in Miami-Dade County - Powder Coaters Near me.

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Hop Industries


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Aether Fiber

Cost Effective

Less costly than paint and cost saving efficiency as everything is done at once.

Protective Durability

Highly corrosion resistance finish more durable than other options.

Maintenance Free

Easy to clean as no special solvent cleaners are needed for rust-free care.

Environment Friendly

Powder coating is an eco-friendly finishing solution as it's free of chemicals.

Powder coating is more than adding color to your surface. Powder coated materials seal off metal surfaces from the environment, protecting it from rust and corrosion for long-lasting durability.


It’s Simple For Us To Be Your Powder Coaters in Florida

Fast Service

We can turn your powder coating projects quicker so you can build faster

Best Prices

We offer competitive pricing on our powder coating service throughout the sunshine state

Open Saturdays

Conveniently located in Hialeah, our powder oven is open Monday - Saturday

Save Money, Increase Efficiency, Quicker Turnaround

Largest Powder Coating Oven

Are you currently outsourcing your powder coating outside of South Florida?

We are helping companies build faster with our quality powder coating work by turning large item products quicker versus outsourcing your industrial powder coating to Orlando, Jacksonville, or Tampa, FL.
SE Florida’s Largest Powder Coater / Parts up to 45 feet in length with a quick turnaround time. Our oven offers the biggest capacity in South Florida at 10 Feet Wide x 12 Feet Height x 45 Feet Long.
We also have one of the largest powder coating colors inventories in Florida. To schedule time and make an appointment to visit our operation in Hialeah, FL., please fill out the website form below.
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